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Lead Generation PPC

PPC for lead generation is known as a sales generation tactic for e-commerce brands, but for most companies, especially in B2B, the bigger use case is lead generation. Blogging, email campaigns, and organic search can all help you generate more leads and they should remain an important and integral part of your marketing campaign. PPC and PPL is ideal for fledgling companies trying to generate user awareness. At Kigi Marketing, we always recommend for startups a 80/20 approach. That is, a company in it’s infancy should devote around 80% of the marketing budget to PPC or PPL while the remaining 20% goes to organic SEO growth. As the months go by, this budgeting should “see-saw” back to a 20/80 approach whereas now you are spending 20% on PPC and PPL and 80% on organic SEO growth. We try to save you money long-term. Give us a call today to let us explain this process in detail.

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