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When it comes to getting your message out, Kigi Marketing understands. We offer video and audio services to get your brand to the masses. This is ideal for your smartphone videos to promote your brand and image. Just give us the video and we can supply the script, professional voiceover, and more!


Would you like to have a professional actor do the “voice over” for your videos, radio commercials, etc.,?

If you answered yes, we put together this summary that will lead you in writing a professional script for audio. If you need help, we are here to help. Give us a call today!

When writing a radio ad, many people wonder how many words they should use in a radio script, specifically, how many words they should have per second of air time.

Here is some information to help you find the idea radio script word count:


Average Reading Speed

  • Average person reads 3 words per second (range is 2 to 4)
  • Average person reads 88 words per half-minute (range is 60 to 120)
  • Average person reads 170 words per minute (range is 135 to 215)

Line Count

  • (12 point Arial, double-spaced, margin-to-margin)
  • Average 21 lines per page
  • Average number of lines per 30-second spot: 7.5
  • Average number of lines per 60-second spot: 15

Word Count

  • (12 point Arial, double-spaced, margin-to-margin)
  • Average words per line of text: 13 (range is 8 to 18)
  • Average words per page: 273 (range is 168 to 378)


The Number of Words in a 30 Second Script is Around 80 Words

Typically, advertising agencies are encouraged to limit their commercial copy (script) to 80 words or less in order to convey their message.

What are the benefits of having fewer words in a commercial?

  1. A more moderately paced voice-over
  2. More concise copy
  3. Higher percentage of listeners who retain your message

Take the key words that you want your listener to remember and form your copy around them. Be sure that each word is relevant to your script.

If you are stuck on crafting your script, give us a call today and we can help.


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